Side Table Marocco Green

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Handmade in Marocco

The original bone inlay is a technique that involves fixing intricate, hand carved pieces of camel bone and mother-of-pearl into a wooden frame, that is then filled with a coloured resin. It derives from the ancient craft of intarsia, which the Egyptians used to decorate wood as far back as 3000 years ago. In the past, bone and mother-of-pearl inlay was an artisan craft, afforded only by the wealthy. Today, advances in manufacturing have meant that bone inlay furniture is much easier to make, and therefore can be affordable.
However, due to come concerns about real bone nowadays, this piece is made of total resin, for both colours. 

This table will look perfect in the living room as side table or in an empty corner that just needs that pop of colour! Something different for sure and an absolute eye-catcher. Fun fact. We used the red and white side table when we designed Carice van Houten's house. However, the green one is also very beautiful too!

Sizes: D41 - H46 cm.