Red Jasper Stone

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Red Jasper stone.
Jasper is known as the 'Highest Nourisher', it offers support in times of stress and unites all aspects of life. It balances the chakras. Red jasper has an enormous earthly effect and is the stone for the base chakra. It harmonises the chakras in such a strong way that it is also a stone for the crown chakra and prevents you from getting too floaty. It makes you establish things and creates a hands on mentality. It helps you to persevere from a natural strength and makes you determined and courageous. It also reduces the fear of confrontations and makes you enthusiastic, energetic and helpful too others.
It gets you in touch with your habits and blockages before they become too big.
Red jasper has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, the liver, the bile and the heart.

Note: the stone can only be picked up in the shop because of its heavy weight.

Size: H35 - W17 cm.