Colorful Shelf Pink

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These shelves are a-ma-zing! They are all handmade with great passion. Each shelf is different, one may be a little bit more round and the other a little bit more lumpy. That makes them unique.
You can combine it with artworks. This way you can make an 'art wall' a little more dynamic. They would also look nice next to a mirror so you can put your cotton pads and toothbrush on top of it. Or see the example, with a lovely vase and dried flowers. It wil fit perfectly in any kind of room.

We can already see it hanging on your wall, can't you? 

About the artist: Mickey Philips graduated from the School of Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Mickey is a concept designer. She has a good eye for minimalism and a passion for graphic design. In other words, she has a real design heart.
A great source of inspiration for Mickey is people's behavior. She often uses this as a starting point for her work.

Her art always has a balance between meaningful design and useful art. She loves a playful edge and often puts a smile on your face when you look at her art.