Scandle Pink 'I love being us'

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 "Scandle your candle"

These candles represent different kinds of moments. Do you need me time, or do you fancy a romantic evening with your partner, or a moment to reflect on your process. This candle helps you with that, not only to create atmosphere and give off a wonderful scent. But this candle also has a personalized Spotify playlist customized to the underlying idea per candle. An amazing concept and this is how it works:

- Open the Spotify app. Make sure to have the app downloaded on your smartphone. 

- Go to the search section located at the bottom of the screen. Select the camera icon next to the searching bar. 

- Point your camera at the Spotify code in the back of your candle. 

- There you go! You will redirected automatically to a special playlist made for you. Enjoy the experience!


Sizes: H10 - D8,5 cm.