Decoration Objects Green

Decoration Objects Green

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Handmade in Sumba

The doll can be used for pepper & salt. The small jar can be used for sugar.

About Sumba people: 

The Sumba (or Sumbese) people are an ethnic group inhabiting Sumba Island. They refer to themselves as Tau Humba. The Sumbese have been able to retain much of their culture despite foreign influences that arrived long ago on the Lesser Sunda Islands. The traditional religion of the Marapu religion, which includes both ancestral worship and deity worship is still very much alive among the Sumbese society. Marapu is the philosophical center of Sumbese cultural expression and includes customary ceremonies, traditional places of worship (umaratu), traditional architecture, decorative carvings and textiles with its fashion styles such as hinggi and lau fabric, as well as its jewelry.

Sizes item left: H12 - W12 cm
Sizes item right: H11 - W11 cm

Sold as a set!