Amsterdam Apartment 2020

You might not guess it, but this is in fact a bachelor pad. Not at all cold or distant, but rather joyous which mirrors the owner’s personality. ‘I wanted my new place, near the Amsterdam canals, to look cheerful yet masculine, and not at all like some showroom’, says the film producer who made a home here. He loved the idea of colour, but he was also a bit scared of it becoming overbearing. Where to start? After visiting Nicole’s own home and being impressed with her playful yet well- balanced style, he decided to give her carte blanche. Feel-good was the assignment, and therefore Nicole decided to go with a terracotta hue. A statement, for sure, but also very earthy. ‘I really feel both grounded and happy every time I walk into the front door’ exclaims the owner. Juxtaposed with the bedroom painted in petrol blue and the kitchen custom-made out of dark travertine. The rooms with their high ceilings were then punctuated with eye catching details such as bespoke cushions and a rattan sculpture on the wall resembling the sun. Not to mention, plenty of window seats for reading a book or just staring outside and gathering thoughts.

Atelier ND Interior