We are an interior design agency, based in Amsterdam

Meet Nicole

Born and raised in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, Nicole Dohmen moved in 2000 to Amsterdam where she now lives with her husband, two children and two step children. After frequently being asked by friends to help them design their homes, and after many years experience rebuilding homes herself, she finally made the switch in 2018 to devote herself full time to interior design. A huge passion for as long as she can remember, has now turned into a successful business.

Her style is never boring - warm, personal and always with an edge, she makes every home authentic and personal through her use of colours and prints. With no formal education in interior design, her style has developed from an inherent creativity and a thirst for knowledge which sends her all over the world in search of inspiration. Working in diverse industries like fashion (Diesel & Adidas), The Wall Street Journal and studying photography also contributed to the development of her unique personal style. Constantly curious, and always looking, there is never a dull moment.

Instagram @atelier.nd.interior