Amsterdam Apartment 2020

A scenario that’s all too common for a lot of new homeowners: a new, neatly finished apartment. White walls, all the charging stations in place, but bland overall and just lacking in character honestly. That’s why Andrea asked befriended designer and colleague Nicole for assistance. The starring role and starting point for the interior: idiosyncratic interior objects gathered all over the world – from a ceramic sculpture slash vase of a lady’s head from Italy to this drum set dug up at a French flea market and a colourful tiger mask found in India.

‘I do love ethnic vibe a lot’, finds Nicole: ‘Meaning, the eye gets to travel, it’s like you’re travelling while in the comfort of your own home.’ Andrea, who has been working at Atelier ND since its stellar start, couldn’t agree more. Nicole and Andrea have therefore been collaborating on several projects. The treasures in Andrea’s
Amsterdam home are now displayed in custom-made cabinets and highlighted with other strong patterns. Such as the curtains with embroidered figures by Pierre Frey and a plaid by BFGF, framed like an artwork on a sisal wall. Not to mention, all the window frames painted in stark black against pale pink walls. ‘It also makes me feel so homey to sit at the build-in bench in our dining area, it kinda feels like a stube (cozy drawing room or bar in the house)’, finds Andrea: It’s a delight to spend my spare time here.’