Amsterdam City Centre House 2020

This is one of those projects where Nicole had to convice her client, Dutch tv- personality Geraldine Kemper, to get out of her comfort zone. ‘Her colour comfort zone, mostly’, reminisces Nicole. Starting out, Geraldine was a bit wary of bursts of colour, but now she’s especially pleased with the entrance hall in a vivid shade of orangy red: Red Earth by Farrow & Ball, that is. Geraldine: ‘It just fills me with such joy every time I walk through the corridor into my home’.

The monumental building in the heart of Amsterdam already had this cast floor and high ceilings, but other than that it needed some renovation work. To enliven the space the kitchen – a focal point in the house, where Geraldine and loved ones like to get together – was crafted out of a warm walnut wood and finished with sheets of black, veined marble. The bamboo blinds in front of the dining room windows make sure the light filtering in creates a cozy atmosphere. Very personal to Geraldine are the many artworks she collected over the years and that are now on full display in her carefully decorated city pad. These paintings and photographs paired well with sourced vintage treasures: upholstered bar stools and a cocktail table with gold-coloured legs shaped into swan figures.