Amsterdam Family Residence 2021

The real challenge is to pour soul back into a house that seems to have totally gone missing somewhere along the way. This spacious, stately townhouse from the 1920s was formerly owned by Wilhelmina Fruytier, a visionary Dutch textile artist with her heydays in the 1960s and 1970s. Thoughover the years it had been turned into a sterile office space with system ceilings and many, many tiny rooms. Undoubtedly, it was time to knock down walls and instill some fengshui. Those renovations took 2,5 years in total. ‘Something I love’, says Nicole: ‘To really take the time and headspace to finetune every single detail.’ The main goal was to make this family home, Including a young child and dogs, more cozy, warm, and intimate. Nicole integrated many small sitting areas suited to zone out, have a coffee or wine. ‘All in all, they wanted something different, with a twist, but also peaceful. That’s why we opted for multicoloured with calming shades of green and blue as well as rich textures and natural materials including crystals. If you know our signature style you could almost call it “classic”. Yet I’d say it’s understated with some really bold interventions here and there.’ She points out the rainbow- bright artwork by Paco Raphael and the entrance floor, inlaid with ten different types of marble in a distinct herringbone pattern. An ode to craftsmanship, which is something that’s inherently valued.