Office Atelier ND

Welcome to our happy place :)

The office space of Atelier ND is disguised as, well, a home. ‘One where you feel instantly at peace and inspired. I’d say that worked out well, nobody who comes over wants to leave’, says Nicole with a smile. Other than that, this property in the affluent southside of Amsterdam had to be exemplary for the design studio’s signature style: brimming with life and therefore colour – in this case,
a lush lilac –, a multitude of books and nooks, crystals including a massive rose quartz as a stool and special vintage finds. Such as the glass desk from the 1920s with large ivory tusks – ‘fake, of course’ – and the Artifort chairs. Those chairs were Nicole’s very first design purchase and ones she never plans to part with.

‘I love the combination of these old pieces with a story, like the ceiling lamp made of shells above the upholstered striped sofa. As well as novelties by favorite contemporary and upcoming designers. I for instance adore the work of Laura Gonzalez, Dimore Gallery, Atelier Areti, and Kelly Wearstler.

The beauty of vintage, of course, is that it’s all unique, and this fits the current zeitgeist of “hyper individualism”. It does take a lot of time and effort to source vintage, then maybe redo it in a totally different fabric, but it’s also very rewarding. Not to mention, I prefer reusing what’s already there and of excellent quality.’ Nicole has a knack for Mid-Century Modern, design pieces that are thoughtfully and artisanally designed and made in between the 1940s and the 1960s.

The kitchen with the wall made entirely out of a warm-coloured wood oozes that Mid-Century cabin feel. While the cabinets are sprayed in a high-gloss coral paint. ‘It’s those types of beautiful contrasts that I look for.’ Speaking of, Nicole loves to balance out masculine and feminine qualities. ‘As I see it, houses all have straight lines, the
outside world can be quite linear and harsh, I want inside spaces to contradict that in a subtle way: adding in softness with curved shapes.’

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Address: Johannes Verhulststraat 39-2, Amsterdam.