Amsterdam Wonderland Office 2022

As you’d imagine the space for a creative brand and digital design studio with a name like Wonderland had to feel immersive and imaginative. While also being an office space that’s efficient to work at. ‘The Owner of Wonderland rentes this new property in the heart of Amsterdam’, says Nicole: ‘It had to be a place where people from all nationalities – a reflection of his team – felt at home and at ease. A well-designed space for doing business and socializing and having Zoom calls and enjoying the surrounding splendor that is Amsterdam’s quaint canal area.’

Prior to decorating, the residence turned officee space already benefitted from a very “open character” with split-level floors. Those split-level floors easily gave way to establishing several little nooks and corners to perch down at throughout the day. Including three homey spots where anyone working could have a bit more privacy, read, call, or have a private conversation.

Quintessential features that were kept: original wooden beams and windowsills as well as this characteristic brick wall. Naturally, terracotta hues as well as greige (beige-grey) walls complimented all of this. For wellness purposes there are lots of plants, including dome shaped sculptures slash planters on the ceiling, throughout to add natural elements to this urban environment.

Other than that, optimized acoustics were very important to the owner. Nicole: ‘We decided to add a black-and-white rug made of burlap.’ At the lowest level there’s a custom-made cabinet to display inspirational books and hide the tv. This is also the perfect place for videocalls with the team in Los Angeles.