Haarlem Family Residence 2020

These house-owners are very much into classic music, with one of them being a professional pianist and composer for tv- shows. Nicole: ‘The interior reflects just that in a symphonic way. We made a sound- proof studio that’s covered in wallpaper. Other than that, I really stretched the limits colour-wise.’ For this couple living in Haarlem Nicole decided on a muted yet lively colour palette including mauve, grape, indigo, porcelain, and touches of emerald green. ‘When we pick lighter colours there’s always the option to enliven the space, to add more dimension, with texture’, she explains: ‘That’s why we added in geometrical patterns and prints with nature scenes that evoke serenity. Flowers and plants such as delicate gypsophila work well in this space, and greenery is a compliment to any place really. You can never go wrong with plants.’ The cabinets in the dining area and living room are custom-made, including one with specially made sisal panels. The result features fun pops of print to the watchful eye, but as a whole it remains tranquil and clean.
A place to wind down and listen to zen music of choice.