Artwork Alice Brown

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This artwork is made by Alice Brown. She is known for playing with image and form. The brilliant thing about her work is that she creates imaginary spaces. Often you can interpret for yourself what you are looking at. Are you looking at a button, a nail or a pin? A beautiful construction of colour and line.

She also gives a playful twist to her artworks, so you don't really understand what the foreground, middle ground and background are. In other words, you can get completely lost in her work.

Note: the painting has museum glass which makes the painting stand out even more. And if you are interested in buying this artwork, it is worth visiting the shop to have the best result. It's always hard to maintain the real colors and details on the photo. It is also better to pick it up rather than send it. We would be bummed if something went wrong with the shipment.

Size: H61 - W50 cm.