Forêt Flatgrain Naturel

Forêt Flatgrain Naturel

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Price per m2: €545,-

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An original foret endgrain floor in naturel oak, laid by our great partner VANOUDS Amsterdam, owned by Tom van Noesel. 

This flooring is made of a highly crafted wood surface by Oscarono. Its a handmade covering inspired by wood cobblestones in Paris during the 19th century which was given a new contemporary life by an innovative approach to end grain wood surfaces. The floor contains 6 timeless patterns that are applied as pre-assembled flatgrain oak pieces on simple planks. Flatgrain is what we usually see in modern flooring, it is the easiest way of cutting wood, perpendicular to the three’s growth lines. Forêt Simple line is thereby leveraging on the success of the Forêt collection by proposing the same uncompromised quality, just more democratically priced due to the type of cut.