Limited Edition Artwork June20 'Hercules'
Limited Edition Artwork June20 'Hercules'

Limited Edition Artwork June20 'Hercules'

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This limited edition painting by June20 is beautiful and beyond. How she uses different materials, colors and techniques, her creativity is incredible. 
The thing that makes this work so extraordinary is that everything is made by hand. The passe-partout and the frame are painted by the frame-maker personally. The colors of the artwork correspond exactly with the colors of the frame. It is a real traditional work from Amsterdam. 
The artwork 'floats', as it were, in the frame. It is a one-of-a-kind piece, so it is really something special to hang up on your wall. Every day you will be surprised because every time you discover a different detail. 

Did you know that June20 created this artwork specifically for Atelier ND? A big shoutout to her!

If you are interested, it is worth visiting the shop. It is always hard to maintain the real colors.

 Size: H37 - W27 cm.