Eline Baas wall sculpture red
Eline Baas wall sculpture red
Eline Baas wall sculpture red

Eline Baas wall sculpture red

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Artworks are available on request in different sizes and colours. If you are interested, please contact us by email: andrea@atelierndinterior.com

Eline Baas is an Amsterdam-based artist. Her work consists out of unique pieces of art, crafted from raw, natural and pure materials. The pieces are characterized by interesting texture and light play, influenced by the use of materials such as wood, clay and metals. By playing with surface treatments like oxidation formulas, waxing and sanding techniques, the qualities of these materials are highlighted. The irregularity in the materials is essential to the design. In collaboration with Atelier ND Interior, Eline Baas has created 2 pieces of art, both enhanced by the power of our colour palette. 

For the Eclipse collection the unique shapes are mostly made with the wax on wood technique. This process involves working with color pigments and takes weeks because it must be applied layer by layer. In addition, contrasts are sought in other materials such as clay, metal and stone. 

Red wall artwork by Eline baas

Material: Wood & wax

H 58 cm x W 50 cm